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UCC and Lien Services

When filing an original financing statement or a UCC change, such as a continuation, termination, assignment, amendment or release, our corporate service offices can assist you.  Our corporate specialists are fully versed in Revised Article 9 (“RA9”) compliance issues as well as the time sensitivity of filing UCC documents.  Depending upon your needs, we can file your documents, obtain an acknowledgement and have the evidence in your hands quickly.  For those states allowing for electronic filings, we can utilize the best methods to ensure the most cost effective way is selected for your projects.

If your needs require researching UCC filings at the state or local agency levels, we can handle that for you, too.  Through our nationwide corporate service offices, NRAI can search any state and/or local jurisdiction while meeting critical time constraints.  For more information, contact us at 855-685-3513.

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