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Filing and Search Services

At NRAI, we strive to bring our clients the necessary tools and resources they need to do their business. The following services are available to you for an additional fee.  These services are located in our secure Client Services area under the Filing/Search services menu.  For more information, please ask your corporate service specialist, account representative or contact us at 855-685-3513.

Business Licenses

When starting a new business, many items appear on the “to do” list. One very important item is the need to obtain all local, state and federal business permits and licenses. With governing authorities having different requirements based on business type, industry and location, NRAI can assist you in getting the applications you need. Incorporating a business is optional. Obtaining business permits and licenses is not. NRAI offers various packages to help you easily obtain the required permits and licenses you need. Choose from Business License Compliance Package where we determine what licenses you need, obtain them and send to you for filing or our Full Service Corporate Filing Service where NRAI handles the filing for you. If you aren’t sure you have all the required permits for your company, let us do an audit and verification for you to ensure you have what you need to do business in your area. Lastly, tired of dealing with renewals? We can take care of those too. For any of these, look for Business Licenses under the Filing and Search Service section of client services or contact your corporate specialist.

Corporate eFile® This service allows you to electronically file your annual franchise or annual registration reports in Delaware, Massachusetts and North Carolina. 
eFile Center

The new feature provides you with several tools for filing your annual reports. You can review various state eLinks to determine what reports can be filed electronically and the requirements to do so. You can also search for your corporate ID number, too. Or, if your preference is to let someone else handle the entire process, visit our corporate service specialists at Annual Registration Management Services (ARMS). Whatever your needs, the eFile Center can assist you. This valuable online resource is perfect for the business practitioner. This is a one stop shop for best practices, drafting resources and legal information for those dealing with corporate issues.  Individual search or monthly subscription pricing available.
OneQuery® This online tool makes it easy to obtain information on corporate name searches and UCC filings in one simple step. The service allows you to tailor search results for corporation information by all states, some states or a single state.   Selections include corporation name, corporation state ID or corporation name clearance. OneQuery® also performs searches for UCC information.  UCC OneQuery® provides searching based on one or more states by Debtor Name, UCC Filing Number or Debtor Organization.  Results are delivered in seconds. NRAI’s OneQuery® replaces the old OneSearch Plus service. Users of OneSearch Plus can utilize their same User Name and password for OneQuery®.  Located in the Client Services section, look for OneQuery® under the Filing/Search Services link.  Pricing based on individual state search or monthly subscription pricing for unlimited searches available.   Additional state fees may apply for selected states.
USA Patriot Search
The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has issued a regulation requiring companies engaged in business transactions to compare the names of individuals, companies and countries against a specialty designated nationals and blocked persons list (SDN). This regulation became effective in October 2004.
NRAI offers the USA Patriot Act Search to help you comply with this OFAC regulation. Please contact your corporate service office to request a search or learn more.
UCC eZFILE® UCC eZFILE® is a web-based program for completing UCC 1 and UCC 3 Filings electronically or in standard format. With the ability to file electronically (e-file) in 38 states, the UCC eZFILE® program allows you to receive filings faster, eliminate costly overnight charges and reduce statutory filing fees. 

Why wait days when you can receive your filings in minutes?  Simply select the jurisdiction, begin typing and watch as UCC eZFILE® automatically fills the data fields specific to the selected jurisdiction requirements, providing greater accuracy and saving from loss of priority. 

The state-of-the-art single screen format makes UCC eZFILE® simple and easy to use. Manage your collateral lists, address lists and continuations your own way with UCC eZFILE®, the user-friendly choice for completing UCC Filings online. 
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