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Protecting Your Legal Entity Status:
Corporate Governance Policies Shield Your Company From Losing Essential Legal Protections

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Entity Pro®

Worried about missed filing dates, the next annual report due date or whether the company officer and director information is up to date?

Can you easily locate your company's last set of corporate minutes?

If your primary responsibilities include the daily maintenance of your company's entities and you want a service that brings all of your internal governance processes together, Entity Pro is the solution. Let us help you take the paperwork and headache out of your day and keep your company in good standing easily and efficiently.

  Entity Pro your corporate governance solution

Entity Pro brings together all of your entity record keeping needs from jurisdictions and personnel to stock ownership and corporate minutes. If you've selected NRAI as your registered agent, the information is automatically populated in Entity Pro for you. Utilizing state of the art security and web-based access, you can make sure all the members of your team have the information they need, when needed. No more scrambling for minutes, records or stock ownership information when the request comes in.

Manually updating spreadsheets and data entry documents are now a thing of the past. With Entity Pro, users can designate nightly data syncs. This process transfers information from updated corporate records right to the application, giving users piece of mind that all data is up-to-date on a daily basis.

For more information or a personal demonstration of Entity Pro, please contact our Entity Pro Service Team at 888-900-6724 or email your questions to

To view an online demo of Entity Pro click here.

For a copy of our Entity Pro brochure, please click here.


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