The NRAI organization also serves clients through the many corporate service offices across the country.  These offices are staffed with experienced corporate specialists who handle both simple and complex corporate transactions on a daily basis.  NRAI and its corporate service specialists provide the following services daily across the country. Additional services available. 

  • Qualifications
  • Change of Agent
  • Name Clearance, Reservation and Registration
  • Incorporation and Formation
  • Amendments and Mergers
  • Annual Reports
  • Dissolution, Cancellation and Withdrawal
  • Assumed Business Names
  • Status Reports, Good Standing Certificates, Tax Certificates and Letters
  • Certified Copies
  • UCC Searching and Filing
  • UCC Forms and Information
  • Tax Liens, Suits and Judgments

Several of the corporate service offices provide specialty services such as:

  • Mortgage and Banking Licensing and Compliance
  • Insurance Broker and Agent Licensing and Compliance
  • Blue Sky Broker and Dealer Licensing and Compliance
  • Mutual Fund Registration and Compliance
  • Paralegal Services

For more information on these specialists, click on the Request Information button below or contact our customer representatives at 855-337-0707.