Monitoring your corporate compliance just got a lot easier. NRAI’s Entity Monitoring Service (EMS) provides automatic status updates, so you can rest easy knowing your service company is watching out for your entity portfolio.

NRAI EMS keeps you informed of changes in entity status by collecting data from the Secretary of State offices and then passing that information on to you via email alerts. The service offers three different color-coded notifications so you can easily understand how your status has changed.

Three Types of Alerts Keep You Informed
Non-Compliance Alert 
Red Alert. Immediate action required. When you receive this alert, it means your entity has fallen out of good standing.

Informational Alert 
Our yellow alert is deployed when a change occurs at the Secretary of State. For example, an entity in good standing might be merged out. Generally no action is required with these entities.

Compliance Alert
The compliance alert gives you the green light for good standing.

For more information, please contact your account representative or service office.