firstserve_noboxes.jpgFirst Serve® is National Registered Agents, Inc.’s premium service that allows you and other members of your team to view scans of served documents received on your behalf.  NRAI’s expert Registered Agent staff will scan those documents you request into NRAI’s secure and private network the same day the documents are received.  Once scanned, you will receive an email notifying you of the received Service of Process and a link to view your documents.  It is quick, easy and secure.  Features of the new service include:

  • Personal selection for the number of pages and types of documents you want scanned
  • No limit on the number of pages you can have scanned
  • Email notification and reminders of the First Serve® scans
  • Summary of legal proceeding included with email link and with transmittal of original documents
  • Originals sent UPS for your permanent files
  •  Archival process after 30 days in Client Reports

With First Serve® you can quickly access and review important served documents.  Better yet, those members of your legal team who need to view them can access them too.   You select the individuals, whether in-house or outside counsel, to receive the important First Serve® links. Please contact your account representative or corporate services specialist for details on First Serve® or contact our customer service representatives at 855-685-3513.