Research Center


Welcome to National Registered Agents, Inc.’s Research Center. We provide this collection of links, references and charts to you to make your job easier. 

  • NRAI Filing Charts     
    These are state-by-state references of filing requirements, fees and general information for corporations, LLC’s and other entity formations. Use these charts as a quick guide reference when obtaining entity formation information for a particular jurisdiction.


  • State Web Links     
    We provide links to all Secretary of State websites. We also provide links to all State Revenue Departments and State Insurance Departments. Other state resources include links to state legislatures and corporate statutes. Just select the state and link reference.


  • State Online Databases     
    The State Online Database contains resources such as Professional License Search, UCC Searches, Abandoned and Unclaimed Property Searches, Trademark Searches and many others. Each state’s selection is different. Select the state of interest and we will provide you with a list of links from which to choose.


  • Federal Agencies     
    For federal resources, select our link which will take you to various the federal agencies such as Federal Communication Commission, FDIC, IRS and others.


  • International Databases     
    For International information and references, our section provides you with links to websites for selected countries. Choose from the list provided. A separate section provides for Canadian Corporate Registries and a link to Corporation Canada.


  • Legislative Update     
    As a client of National Registered Agents, Inc. you will receive our monthly Legislative Update prepared by our general counsel office. An archive of past Legislative Updates are available in the Research Center.


  • Other Resources     
    The Research Center include links to Professional Licensing for several industries, law library links, court resources, municipal codes and much more.