State Web Links

The State Web links is a collection of links to agencies for each state.  You can select a single state and then choose which agency link you want to access or you can select all states.  A description of the various links available for each state is provided.  Links in this section include Secretary of States, State Revenue Departments, State Insurance Departments, State Banking Commissions, State Legislatures and State Corporate Statutes.

These links are not a substitute for competent legal advice.

Secretary of State Link

The Secretary of State is an administrative officer responsible for certain governmental functions. The specifics depend on the constitution and laws of the particular state, but often include responsibility for overseeing elections within the state as well as business formations and corporate governance. In three states (Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia), the position is called "Secretary of the Commonwealth". We provide links to each Secretary of State website .

State Revenue Department Link

The revenue department serves as the central collection agency for all state revenues. The department's primary duties include collecting business and personal taxes, titling and registering motor vehicles and issuing driver licenses.

State Insurance Department Link

The Department of Insurance serves as the primary overseer of insurance companies, insurance regulations and agent/producers’ licensing. Consumers can also get information regarding different types of insurance available.

Banking Commissions Link

A State’s Banking Commission regulates and supervises the financial institutions and enterprises of its State according to the governing statutes and it provides consumer support in the areas of banking and finance.

State Legislatures link

The State legislature link takes you to a State’s congressional information site that outlines pending legislation, legislative activities and legislative schedules.

State Corporate Statutes

The following collection of links will take you to the Corporate Statutes for the states below or to a searchable index of the Statutes for that state. Please note that these may not be the most up to date statutes available for each state and should not be relied upon for anything but informational purposes only. These links are not a substitute for competent legal advice.